Hakone Tour Information

Enjoy Short Tour in Hakone with MORINOKODO HAKONE

Please Choose One of the Following Five Tours.

1. Dogashima Valley Tour

This tour takes you to encounter mosses and ferns that live in the wet environment of the valley. In addition to a dynamic view of the valley, we will guide you to the microscopic world of mosses using a loupe.

  • ・Price: 8000 yen/person
  • ・Location: Miyanoshita (Start from Miyanoshita station, Dismiss there)
  • ・Duuration: 2 – 3hours 
  • ・Total Distance: About 2.8km
  • ・Elevation:  319 – 466m

2 .Otama Lake Tour

This tour will take you to fully enjoy the history of Hakone and the atmospere of the ancient roads. The trip will end with a delicious Amazake (sweet sake).

  • ・Price: 8000 yen/person
  • ・Location: Motohakone (Start from Otamagaike station, Dismiss Amazake-chaya station)
  • ・Duuration: 2hours 
  • ・Total Distance: About 5.4km
  • ・Elevation:  646 – 662m

3 .Mt Kintoki tour

This tour is highly recommended for those who want to start mountain climbing. During this tour, we will observe several flowers and grasses which are characterristic of volcanic area.

  • ・Price: 9500 yen/person
  • ・Location: Mt. Kintoki (Start from Kintoki-tozanguchi station, Dismiss there)
  • ・Duuration: 4 – 5hours
  • ・Total Distance: About 4km
  • ・Elevation:  663 – 1212m

4. Sengokuhara Tour

This tour will take you through Sengokuhara’s pampas grass field, and also use by local trail. 

  • ・Price: 4500 yen/person
  • ・Location: Sengokuhara (Start from Sengoku annaijo-mae station, Dismiss there)
  • ・Duuration: 2hours 
  • ・Total Distance: About 5.4km
  • ・Elevation:  646 – 662m

5. Komorebi Chill Tour at Lake Ashi

This tour will be enjoy the relaxing time on the beach of Lake Ashi. And also we will  take you a leisurely walk in the forest and serve a cup of coffee and some snacks.

  • ・Price: 7000 yen/person
  • ・Location: Lake Ashi (Start from Motohakone-ko station, Dismiss there)
  • ・Duuration: 2-3hours 
  • ・Total Distance: About 4.8km
  • ・Elevation:  728 – 778m


Please fill in the following information and send us an Email

  1. ・Date and Time ※Normally we will start at 10AM
  2. ・Number of Attendees
  3. ・Tour course
  4. ・Name
  5. ・Birth
  6. ・Nationality
  7. ・Phone Number(which we can call)
  8. ・E-mail address
  9. ・Name and age of all the members
  10. ・Do you like coffee?(We will serve a cup of coffee duringtea time)
  11. ・Do you like nuts and dry fruits?(We will also serve nuts and dry fruits)
  12. ・Message


[Things to bring]

  • ・Clothes for exercise that you do not mind getting dirty
  • ・Small bags
  • ・Grasses for protecting your eyes from twing and sunlight
  • ・Sunscreen
  • ・Camera
  • ・Towel used to wipe the sweat off
  • ・Gloves (only winter season)
  • ・Copy of insurance card

[About Cancel]

In case of light rain, the tour will be held after consulting with you.

In case of heavy rain, snow, or wind storms, the tour will be cancelled, and we will contact you around 7PM the day before or 7-8AM the day of the tour (When the tour is cancelled because of weather, cancellation fee will be not charged.). 

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

  • ・7 to 2days prior to the tour date: 30% of the tour fee
  • ・The day before the tour: 50% of the tour fee
  • ・The day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

※Transfer fee are the responsibility of the customer.